Catalog and maintenance for a clot removal tools manufacturer

The Cerenovus catalog project was a comprehensive design and localization effort that aimed to showcase the company’s line of clot removal tools in an engaging and user-friendly way. The catalog, created by the team and I, includes an interactive web version with clickable elements and a print-ready version for non-web needs. We were responsible for the layout, design, and photo manipulation to effectively communicate the features and benefits of Cerenovus’ products.

Client: Johnson & Johnson
Services: Catalog Design, Photo Manipulation, Brand Consolidation


The process of creating the catalog involved a close collaboration with the Johnson & Johnson team to gather product information and establish design guidelines. Once the content was finalized, I began working on the layout and design, carefully selecting fonts, colors, and images to create a visually appealing and cohesive final product. The teamand I also managed the localization process, ensuring that the content was translated accurately and effectively while also maintaining the overall aesthetic of the catalog. The goal of the project was to create a user-friendly resource for those interested in learning about the Cerenovus line of clot removal tools.


One of the major challenges I faced during the project was ensuring that the layout was aesthetically pleasing and aligned with the Cerenovus brand guidelines. This required a lot of attention to detail and careful consideration of font colors, margins, and proportions. Additionally, I had to make sure that the images were visually appealing and clearly conveyed the necessary information, which required significant photo manipulation and editing. Communication with the team was key, and they fortunately made the process silky smooth as always.

Overall, the Cerenovus catalog project was a challenging but ultimately successful effort. The end result was a comprehensive and user-friendly resource that effectively communicates the features and benefits of the Cerenovus line of clot removal tools, with a focus on the aesthetically pleasing layout that aligns with the brand guidelines. The catalog is available in both an interactive web version with clickable elements and a print-ready version, allowing users to access and learn about the products in the format that is most convenient for them.