Biosense Webster

Catalog and maintenance for a catheter manufacturer.

Designing the Biosense Webster B2B catalog has been a challenging and rewarding experience that involved working closely with the Johnson & Johnson team to create visually appealing user-friendly catalogs to showcase their products effectively. My responsibilities include product indexing, layout design, cover creation and adherence to branding guidelines.

Client: Johnson & Johnson
Services: Catalog Design, Photo Manipulation, Brand Consolidation, Marketing Collaterals


Working on various stationery mediums for the Biosense Webster Johnson & Johnson B2B catalog has been a challenging and rewarding experience for me since 2017. The catalog is an important tool for the company to showcase their products to potential customers and partners, and it is my responsibility to ensure that it is up-to-date and visually appealing. I have worked very closely with the Johnson & Johnson team, this work was a collaborative effort with a lot of back and forth and communication.


One of my main tasks is product indexing, which involves organizing and categorizing the products in a logical and user-friendly way. This is a crucial step to make it easy for customers to find the products they need quickly and efficiently. I also make sure that the products are described accurately and that all relevant information is included, such as technical specifications and product images.

Another important aspect of my role is making layout changes. The catalog needs to be visually appealing, and I work on creating layouts that are easy to read, clean, and consistent throughout the catalog. I pay close attention to details such as typography, spacing, and the use of images and graphics to make the catalog look professional and polished.

Creating cover visuals is another important aspect of my work. The cover is the first thing that customers will see, and it is crucial to create visually appealing covers that capture the essence of the products and the company’s brand.

Print-prepping is also an essential task that I am responsible for. This involves making sure that the catalog is ready for print, and that everything is in the correct format and resolution. This is a critical step to ensure that the final printed product looks as good as it does on screen.

Finally, I am responsible for applying updated branding guidelines. This involves making sure that the catalog adheres to the company’s guidelines and that the products are presented in a consistent manner. This is important to maintain a cohesive brand image and to ensure that the company’s message is communicated clearly.