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Complete identity, packaging and promo storyboard for an energy drink brand.

Services: Branding, Print, Strategy, Graphic Design, Packaging, Storyboard
Industry: Food & Beverage
Deliverables: Logo, Branding guidelines, Stationery, Packaging, Storyboard
/ Selected Works


Complete identity, packaging and promo storyboard for an energy drink brand.

Blast logo
/ Logo

The Blast logo is pretty simple construction wise, it was conceived with the old logomasters principles in mind, it is a big bold shape that everyone could recognize, but it is not just a shape, it is also a number of symbolisms and values that the buyer gets accustomed to, and that is primarily what makes a brand timeless.

/ Symbolism

Explosion and heat : Abstract top view of an explosion, heat evolution effect colors. Stands for the explosive and instant energy blast of the drink.

Energy : Basic round shape that suggests an iconic representation of the sun, the most important source of energy of the earth, also the center of the solar system, huge symbolism for an energy drink.

Bullseye symbol : Hitting the bullseye basically means attaining success, also symbolizes precision and alertness which connects with the product.

Blast stationery
/ Colors

Orange is the color of dynamism, youth and energy. It is the primary color and should be used for headlines and highlighting

White is the secondary and main body text color, stands out easily and amplifies all the colors around it. White also symbolizes new beginnings and openness

Black is the background color, goes well with the nightlife theme, conveys elegance, it also means power and control, it is also a very sexy color and contrastes well with our other colors

/ Typography

Really simple and coherent typography work, Klavika is a very modern font widely used on social sites, it was the main facebook font a few years ago and still retains the social values it has. The secondary typeface is Battersea which is very neutral and muted, works just well in big blocks of text

Blast colors
Blast typography
Blast key visual
Blast alt packaging
Blast storyboard
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