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About the Art

Brand Identity and webdesign for a UK Contemporary art webzine.

Services: Branding, Webdesign, Strategy
Industry: Journalism
Deliverables: Logo, Branding guidelines, Stationery, Webdesign
/ Selected Works

About the Art

Brand Identity and webdesign for a UK Contemporary art webzine.

About the art logo
/ Logo

The logo embodies all the values and messages of the brand whilst staying discrete, the red color acts as a recognition cue and should also be used as a recall signal.

/ Stationery and Web

The website was optimized for blog posts, it uses a pretty well known CMS, wordpress, the design was developed into a theme and custom pages were made, red is the main identity element for our webdesign. We maintained a crisp and modern and centered the whole design around the actual content, the stationery package is very discrete and is more functional than visual.

/ Symbolism

Explosion and heat : Abstract top view of an explosion, heat evolution effect colors. Stands for the explosive and instant energy blast of the drink.

Energy : Basic round shape that suggests an iconic representation of the sun, the most important source of energy of the earth, also the center of the solar system, huge symbolism for an energy drink.

Bullseye symbol : Hitting the bullseye basically means attaining success, also symbolizes precision and alertness which connects with the product.

About the art key visual
About the art stationery
/ Colors

Red symbolises the most important aspect of art, passion, it also conveys immediacy, which is crucial for an informative webzine, this is also our primary hierarchical color.

Black is very conventional, a very serious & professional color, it is our primary body color, looks great & very legible vs light backgrounds.

Concrete gray is a very light gray that symbolizes a strong foundation, it’s very neutral and makes a great background color.

/ Typography

The typography work was quite simple for the project, is it a web based magazine and that led us to set the main type in klavika, it is our primary title type and defines well our brand. The secondary typeface was chosen to contrast well with our Klavika, it is a mix between a garalde and a modern serif and goes well with the “informative” theme, it’s our main web body font and works just as well in print situations.

About the art colors
About the art typography
About the art website
About the art key visual web
About the art envelope