UNICEF ENDviolence

UNICEF National campaign


This poster was produced as part of the UNICEF Endviolence against children campaign series and got me the 2015 UNICEF graphic design award. Violence against children is everywhere but people usually just ignore it and let it fade into the background. The poster was made for Morocco where this issue is particularly abundant. This poster series was to remind people that in every home and every street, children are potentially being harassed and abused, in some countries children often work at some ridiculously early ages and it just goes unnoticed. The poster’s background features a regular child & father figure that does not seem to have any apparent issue, the whole idea is just to make us look at the bigger picture, at the background, at the shadows, the shadows that usually seem invisible.



I started of with a really quick-painted layout, if you look closely, the shapes on the child’s side are predominantly round and curved shapes to emphasize on the fragility and vulnerability, on the other side, very masculine and agressive straight lines to convey the authority and strength of the figure. The overall composition is really simple and the shapes are balanced around it, the child automatically leads our eye to the text & the father, who then points back at the child. Main colors are a bright red to signify danger and to bring attention, shadows and figures are in a slightly dark blue tone which is a rather sad color.