Technology & computation in the medical industry


Create a brand related to healthcare/medical industry, that mainly focuses on using technology and programming as a creative and efficient solution.



Mostly B2B, health industry businesses and hospitals.



The solution to this brief lies in basically redefining the problematic, how do you show that you are in the health industry and that you provide a service for med-doctors but in the same time show that you are a B2B focused company that is corporate centered ? This was my main question while creating this brand identity.



The Omedics logo is a mix between really simple technologic typography and complex  iconography, the logosymbol was built to look like a stethoscope but also features many other meanings through subtle shapes.




Allusion to the medical industry, hospitals and med-tools, also conveys a sense of expertise, authenticity, and trust.


Symbolises technology and knowledge (information ) ,the symbol is subtly suggested through the stethoscope’s shape and curves.


Subtle representation of binary bits (0 and 1 ), it supports the slogan, and contrastes well with the stethoscope being quite traditional. Conveys a sense of trust, precision, and information.


The flow of the shapes form the letter O behind a letter M, they are bot suggested in a system display font that gives a programming feel while having a modern curvy look to suggest wires.



The logo works well in most situations, but as a B2B company, we need to focus on those unconventional logo usages (Primarily fax and in house printing ), the monochromatic options are usually better for in house or administrative use. The blue monochrome version will also be a nice alternative for web and stationery and can help define the brand as well.



Blue is the color of tranquility and trust, this navy blue shows reliability, in color psychology, blue also means freedom and trust. Navy blue is also related to the military and means confidence and power.

The light cold gray is mostly here to tune down our blue a bit, it is a quite neutral color that conveys  a certain sense of professionalism.

Dark grey is mainly a text only color, it looks good on light cold gray,  this is a passive neutral grey that looks sharps in display use (Web, apps etc… ).



Design system is a new font that was specifically designed for titles, logos, and small chunks of text, it conveys sophistication and technology and has been designed to work best on screens, it is also fairly legible in small sizes which is very beneficial. Optima on the other hand is a quite well known typeface, it is also very legible at small sizes and have been designed for all usages, Optima is a really good body font and the perfect fit for this project, it has a sans serif modern look while maintaining a serif symbolism of authenticity and expertise.



The stationery brand pack developed for Omedics features a very modern and classy look. The “tech” side of the brand is easily recognizable, and the blue stripes is a really easy to use identity element, these small details and elements are what makes a good brand on the long term.