Superheroes meet Kandinsky


Was asked to create a series of illustrated posters about six superheroes in an artsy  way while also maintaining unity and avoiding any literal representation of the characters.

I was inspired by one of Kandinsky’s first abstract paintings, picture with an archer, which still had some figurative elements (We can distinguish a rather abstract horse, a bow, castle etc… ). Kandinsky capitalized on color and shape to tell his stories, and he had a set of rules he developed over the years for his shape and color choices. Later, he would exclusively use shape, color and line in his painting, and all figurative meaning would only be symbolic (See Composition VIII or Yellow Red Blue ).

Along with Kandinsky’s favorite shapes and lines, I chose to use the generic shape symbolism used in graphic design and emphasize on color & recognizable elements of each character to represent them. Squares and rectangle shapes would represent masculinity and stability (Superman, Hulk … ), Circles show femininity and focus (Wonderwoman & Catwoman ) and Triangles represents dynamism and power (Spiderman ).

The project was done on A3 Watercolor paper using watercolors, watercolor pencils, and spray paint.