About me

This page emphasize on my background, if you want to contact me, please refer to the footer information 🙂


I am Ali, a graphic design and art direction graduate. After  years of experience working with clients in the graphic design & branding scene, I decided to specialize in branding as a graphic art. Since then, I worked as a branding consultant & strategist in many projects, I also worked as an in-house art director & illustrator in a branding agency these past few months before going full time freelance. I now mainly specialize in branding, illustration and graphic design, and I put a lot of effort into it, I particularily look to work with enthusiastic clients as I get  very easily passionate about a project when the client is too.I believe branding is not restricted to visuals and colors but is a mix of strategy and values that can be manifested through anything the brand do, customer service IS branding, how you communicate IS branding, your logo IS branding, branding is really everything that envelops a brand, and making it right is my job. I am a very social and friendly individual so dont hesitate to contact me if you have any question or need some branding advice.



2015 Unicef graphic design award

2014 Casanim animation workshop intervenor

2015 IRCAM workshop intervenor

2013 MUMEDI exposition – To death with a smile poster nominee